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Hey-o! I'm Storm Lantern, and this is Clothed with Thunder. I'm not doing much here, just making posts about myself and stuff I like or care about.

This is my second blog, first under this name. My first blog only lasted a few weeks before I took it down. I couldn't keep the content flowing, and I had no idea what to focus on. I guess I was trying too hard to be impressive and profound, and wasn't having fun with it.

This blog's name comes from the Bible. Job, chapter 39, verse 19, if you want to get specific. 

The story goes something like this: Job's life was in shambles, but he wouldn't confess to sins he knew he hadn't committed, despite his friends' advice. He wouldn't curse God for his misfortune.

 But in chapters 38-41, God calls out Job for his self-pity. Job is just sitting on his butt and feeling sorry for himself. Job gets reminded that God can do a lot of things that he can't, and he should do something besides "Darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge."

 Basically, God's saying that Job should get over himself.

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