About Me

 Hey there!

 I'm a twenty-something living in California, in the United States.

 I'm one of the biggest nerds I know. I watch cartoons (IT'S ADVENTURE TIME!), play video games (Steve?), and read comic books.

 And (the big one) I'm a brony.

 In January or February of 2014, I came across some MLP fan videos on YouTube, and just kept coming back to them. Eventually, I embraced the fandom's comics, fanfiction, games, and music, and in April of 2015 started this blog!

 My interest in MLP comes and goes, but I'm currently at a high point.

 I'm midway through season 2 of Friendship is Magic, and loving every minute!

 I don't have any "swag" yet, but that may change, as my birthday is in just a few weeks.

 As for cons, I've never been to any yet, but I plan on being at Sac-Con in October, and Babscon in April!

 See you out there, my friends!

 God bless.

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